Freedom From The Inside

Recovery Ministry For The Incarcerated

What is Freedom From The Inside?

Freedom From The Inside is Forever Free's recovery ministry to those who are incarcerated in county jails and state prisons. Volunteers bring the Forever Free program and Process Groups into detention centers, offering the residents the same life-transforming recovery program that is offered on the outside.

Freedom From The Inside utilizes the Recovery Alive Process Group as a primary tool to guide men and women through the 12 Steps of recovery. Individuals are experiencing healing from past abuse, addiction, grief, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, anger, bitterness and codependency through this informative and inspiring resource. Combining the time-tested process of the 12 steps and ageless Biblical principles, the Recovery Alive Handbook moves the reader on a journey to freedom by way of a searching and fearless moral inventory, challenging “core” questions and encouraging stories of personal transformation.

Volunteers Needed

Freedom From The Inside is growing, and as a result, we need more volunteers to go into local jails and prisons to share hope and healing through this effective program.

We ask our volunteers to go into a facility for sixteen consecutive weeks. This is the duration of a Process Group. Each volunteer participates and helps facilitate the study. This creates a safe and edifying experience for the residents of the unit.

Volunteers must pass a background check in order to go into the facility. If you have a heart for the lost, and wish to become a FFTI volunteer, click the link below and fill out the form. We will be in contact within 72 hours. Thanks in advance for your willingness to serve!!