Freedom Kids & Childcare

Freedom Kids and Childcare are available for your children every Tuesday night during Forever Free from 6:30 – 8:30.

Kids ages kindergarten through 5th grade meet in the MAC, which is the children’s building across the parking lot from the north entrance of the church. Check in starts at 6:15pm and you can pick up your kids at 6:35pm. Babies and toddlers (6 weeks - 4 years) are in the Early Childhood Development area, located in the Kids Ministry area.

All kids, birth through 5th grade, will check in and out at ONE central location – in our amazing, newly-renovated Kids Ministry Lobby in the Main Building located under the big awning on the north side of the main building.

Elementary-aged kids will now walk from our new Kids Ministry Lobby in the Main Building through the Portal to the MAC!  These changes will be more convenient, faster, and safer for your family!


We want to make it easy to check your kids in on Tuesday nights! One way to speed up the process is to get the KidCheck App and set up your account (use the buttons below to get the app and set up your account).

Freedom Kids

Freedom Kids is a complementary children’s resource to Forever Free. While adults explore topics that bring healing and wholeness in their lives, kids discover the same truths in age-appropriate ways! It's pre-covery for your kids!!

Early Childhood (Childcare)

At Forever Free, we provide a warm, caring environment for each child. Forever Free Childcare is open during service and Share Groups. It is staffed by both paid and volunteer workers. Each class includes a wide variety of playtime activities for each age group, as well as Bible lessons that correspond with the message in the Main Services. Fun characters, hands-on illustrations, and creative storytelling engage kids in the process of growing in God’s Word!

The spiritual development & safety of each child is of primary concern at Forever Free!

Our Basic Policies

Check in starts 15 minutes prior to Service.

Children are to be brought to the check-in counter by a parent/guardian and will only be released to the parent/guardian with a Guardian Pick-Up Sticker.

Parents/Guardians should come for their children immediately following the service or event they have attended.

Please see that items belonging to your child are properly and clearly labeled. This should include: diaper bag, diapers, plastic bottles/cups, pacifiers, drinking cups, and blankets.

Babies will be fed pre-measured formula, milk, or juice as provided only by the parent/guardian. Toddlers will be provided with a snack and water. Time and circumstances do not allow for any other type of feeding (including spoon-feeding infants).

We try everything in our abilities to calm an upset child for up to 15 minutes. After that, we will call the parent/guardian. That time frame can be catered for each family until the child feels comfortable staying at Forever Free Kids or Childcare.

Volunteer With Our Kids

We would love to have you volunteer once per month in either Early Childhood or Forever Free Kids! Anyone who works with our children must pass a background check. This ensures the safety of our children. Please fill out the Ministry Match form online and then go to the Guest Center and pick up (and fill out) a background check packet when you are at Forever Free on Tuesday night. Once you are approved, we will get you started!